Westminister Waste

Central London

Blue London have recently supplied a BlueMAC plant to Westminster Waste for their new site in South East London. W

Processing C&D waste is the core function of the business which is brought in by a fleet of 30 Westminster Waste vehicles and also third party ‘drops’. Current volumes stand at around 1,500 tonnes per week, with the waste coming from across South East London and Kent.

The new BlueMAC recycling plant has allowed the business to recycle a much higher percentage of material. The wood waste is shredded and screened via a Doppstadt AK510K shredder and Powerscreen Warrior 1400X screen on site, to create a biomass material, while others materials are sent out for further processing and baling. The small amount of material that can’t be recycled is sent for recovery as RDF and the process is much more automated and significantly less labour intensive than previously, meaning overall costs have been reduced.

PMcK were tasked with delivering the Power, Control and Automation for the plant.

  • Motors ranging from 0.55KW to 55KW on a variety of control platforms
    • Direct On Line (DOL)
    • Star Delta (SD)
    • Soft Start (SS)
    • Variable Speed Drives (VSD)
  • Controlled by PLC and HMI Function
  • Intelligent Motor Control
  • Intelligent Power Monitoring
  • Monitored Safety Stops

At PMcK we have a dedicated engineering team who carry out the design of control systems. We have in-house design capabilities for all elements of the control systems design process, from specification and hardware design, to the production of software and installation documentation.

From sizing equipment to designing custom metal work for Motor Control Centres (MCC) and Switchboards, our in-house engineers have a wide range of hardware design capabilities. All electrical schematics are produced in an electrical drawing package, ensuring consistency in the drawing styles as well as allowing automatic referencing and production of documents such as cable schedules and cable block diagrams.

Our in-house Software Design Engineers have extensive knowledge of PLCs from all major manufacturers and can produce software in many languages, such as Ladder Logic, Statement List, Structured Text, Sequential Function Chart (Grafcet) and more.

As well as PLC software, systems often require a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Whether that’s a Human Machine Interface (HMI) providing system diagnostics or a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA) with a Historian and reporting system, our engineers work closely with clients to produce a user friendly system.


Client Blue Group

Details RDF Plant - Turnkey Electrical Package

Main Contrator Blue Mac